Ranking Criteria

The rankings are based on the two last Nationals and their best points scored in the Regional Championships held in any region in the past 2 seasons (Even if a Regional Champs does not get 10 boats it will still be able to be included as, because of fewer boats, the points awarded will automatically downgrade that event). In the case of Youth skippers, they may use the results of one of the Youth Nationals to replace another Nationals. As a special concession, due to the fact that the 2011 and 2012 Nationals replaced their Regional Champs, the 2010 EC Champs are taken into account ONLY for the EC sailors.

The scoring is attributed to the Skipper. The Crew named is the one who crewed in the last regatta that the Helm participated in.

For Regional regattas, the participants will score single points (e.g. 20 entries; come 1st and you get 20 points, 2nd 19 etc).

The Nationals will count for double points (e.g. 20 entries; come 1st and you get 40 points, 2nd 38 etc).

IMCASA's policies and procedures are subject to change from time to time.

IMCASA reserves the right to amend, supplement and / or discontinue at its absolute discretion, for whatever reason, any of its policies and procedures.

IMCASA always strives to adopt policies and procedures that it believes are best for the whole of the Mirror Class of South Africa.